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About Us

Since 1992, Gilmore Avenue Car Wash & Quick Lube has been your one stop for automotive cleaning and maintenance.

Our Facility offers fully staffed, Exterior washing, Express detailing, and Quick Lube services.

Our exterior car wash uses a state of the art computerized tunnel system with conveyor. The cleaning chemicals are carefully and safely mixed to the proper ratio for optimal cleaning of your vehicle.

Our Express detailing facility fits your every need from the quick interior cleaning to "the works". We have a variety of detailing packages as well as individual services available to meet whatever need you may have, offering both appointments or while you wait services.

Our Quick Lube has Winona's only drive thru pit system, allowing us to service all makes, models, and sizes quickly and conveniently. We offer a full line of preventative vehicle maintenance services as well as oil changes.

Come in today and try any or all of our services.


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Contact Us

602 Clarks Lane
Winona, MN 55987

(507) 454-7659

Monday - Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm

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unlimited car wash program

Exterior Washes:


Ultimate (Full Service):


Exterior- Hand Prep, 3 Coats Polish & Conditioner, Clear Coat Sealer, Undercarriage Flush, Hand Dry.

Interior- Vacuum Carpet, Seats & Mats, Clean Interior Windows, Scrub and protect Dash & Console, Clean Door Jambs.


Best with Triple Coat Wax:

$15.00 (add hand dry for $5.00)


UNLIMITED $38.99 per month

Hand Prep, 3 Coats Polish & Conditioner, Clear Coat Sealer, Undercarriage Flush, High Volume Blow Dry.



$11.00 (add hand dry for $5.00)


UNLIMITED $25.99 per month

Hand Prep, Clear Coat Sealer, Undercarriage Flush, High Volume Blow Dry.



$7.00 (add hand dry for $5.00)


UNLIMITED $19.99 per month

Hand Prep, Exterior Wash, High Volume Blow Dry.



$3.00 (add hand dry for $5.00)

Perfect for a light cleaning, High Volume Blow Dry.



Detailing Services:

All vehicles are hand dried with any of the following services.


Vac Glass:


Hand dry, clean interior windows, vacuum carpets, seats, & mats, dust dash, wipe door jambs, and empty ashtray.

Carpet Shampoo:

starting at $42.95

Includes all carpeted areas within reach and 1 set of mats.

Phenoma Shine Wax:

starting at $32.95

Guaranteed paint protection, incredible shine, 90 day guarantee, 3 in 1 product.

Upholstery Shampoo:

starting at $32.95

Includes seats, front & back, & any cloth on door panels.

Leather Seat Cleaning and Conditioning:

starting at $32.95

softly cleans leather, conditions, decreases cracking.

** Highly oxidized vehicles, all vans, station wagons, utility vehicles subject to additional charge.**

Other Services:


Airco Odor Removal:


Engine Clean & Shine:


Fabprotex Carpet & Upholstery Protectant:


Protectant Package (interior & exterior):

starting at $23.95

Interior Protectant:
Applied to all vinyl plastic and rubber on inside of vehicle.

starting at $19.95

Exterior Protectant:
Applied to all vinyl plastic and rubber on outside of vehicle.


Dash & Console Protectant:


Windows Or Vacuum Only:


Hand Dry:


Trunk Vacuum:


Mat Shampoo:



Available with all oil changes.


Injector Cleaner


Wynne’s Oil System Cleaner


Wynne’s Engine Treatment




Full Service Oil Changes


All Full Service Oil Changes include the following 22 point service check and free car wash and free fluid top off
for 3,000 miles.

1. Change oil (up to 5 qts.)
2. Replace oil filter (standard)
3. Lubricate chassis*
4. Check air filter
5. Check cabin air filter*
6. Check transmission fluid*
7. Check differential fluid*
8. Check radiator coolant
9. Check brake fluid*
10. Check washer fluid
11. Fill washer fluid
12. Check power steering fluid*

13. Check PCV valve*
14. Check wiper blades
15. Check headlights
16. Check serpentine belt*
17. Check safety lights
18. Set proper tire pressure
19. Lubricate door hinges
20. Reset oil life indicator*
21. Free Motor Oil top off
22. Free Washer Fluid top off
* Where applicable

(0W-20, 5W-20, or5W-30, )


• Best engine protect
• Factory fill in many high end vehicles
• Meets GM Dexos requirements

• Includes Best w/Triple Coat wash ($15 value)
(wash, undercarriage flush, sealer, 3 coats polish & conditioner, and blow dry)

(5W-20 or 5W-30)


High Mileage Oil
• For vehicles with 80,000+ miles
• Reduces oil consumption
• Slows oil leaks

Semi-Synthetic Blend
• Blend of synthetic & conventional oils
• Better engine protection

Includes Better wash ($11 value) (wash, undercarriage flush, sealer, and blow dry)

GOOD - CONVENTIONAL MOTOR OIL (5W-20, 5W-30, or 10W-30)


• Meets OEM Specifications

• Includes Good wash ($7 value) (wash and blow dry)

Express Oil Changes



$50.99 (Sysnthetic Oil)

· Standard Filter

$34.99 (Semi-Synthetic or High Milage Oil)

· Up to 5 qts. of oil

$24.99 (Conventional Oil)



Preventive Maintenance Services:


Automatic transmission fluid flush

from $119.99

Automatic transmission filter service

from $69.99

Power steering fluid flush

from $69.99

Serpentine belt replacement

from $69.99

Manual transmission service

from $39.99

Front or rear differential service

from $39.99

Transfer case service

from $39.99

Injector cleaning (2 step)

from $39.99

Aquapel windshield treatment


Head & Bulbs (each)

from $4.99/each

Wiper blade replacement

from $10.99/each

Air Filter replacement

from $12.99

Breather element replacement

from $9.99

PCV valve replacement

from $9.99

Drain plugs replacement

from $3.00

Coolant top off


Battery Terminal Clean & Protect




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